My UX Process


I start analysing and understanding the business strategy, mission and vision of the company/product/service to be designed.


Then I make my researches to define user personas and scenarios, emphatizing with users' needs.  


I set phases, goals, resources, budget and type of deliverables.

User flows

I walk through my ideas and go in deep building flows sketching with pen & paper and refining with other tools like Axure RP, or Sketch. 


I refine my concept designing complete and beautiful structures that show the "big picture". This is crucial to analyse and understand how the navigation flows.


I design low and high fidelity prototypes using mainly Sketch or Invision Studio. 

Test and Iterate

I create usability tests to evaluate with end users and stakeholders interactions, define critical points get feedbacks and work on improvements of the product.


I finally create the guidelines, css rules and collaborate with developers and project managers to develop the project.


After every deploy I take insights from analitycs and data to better understand users and continue on the product improvements.

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